Lift Oil Cans

Lift Oil CanPlastic Oil Can LO4 Triplex

It’s a plastic pressed part made in an injection press as a lift component. A universal pot to catch oil and dirt for lifts. This self-supporting can is used for “T” sections and it protects the lift shaft from oil and dirt.

The can has a few clamps that hold it around the “T” line of either the lift cabin or the weight in the shaft. A bridge for connecting the clamps together is included in the packaging.

If the clamps don’t fit the shape of the “T” line, the can also has a strap clamp that can embrace the whole can and the line.

Clamps that are not needed can be easily removed with pliers.

Its capacity is max. 500 ml.

It’s recommended to dump contents of the can every 3 months.


Price 1 pcs = 90 CZK

Price 100 pcs = 8.500 CZK + postal expenses.

Lift Oil CansPrices do not include VAT.