Minimalism in Lift Architecture and Our Small Passenger Lift

Minimalism in Lift Architecture and Our Small Passenger LiftMinimalistic design is a design that is simple uncomplicated and objective in general. There is as little of everything as possible – material, details, forms. Minimalists like cubical shapes, clean and precise lines and try to simplify the architectural elements as long as functionality remains untouched so that the whole look gives you a balanced and peaceful impression.

Minimalism is mostly in interiors – you can see temperance and as few shapes and materials as possible. Minimalistic projects are primarily made of glass, wood, metals and common building materials.

Except architecture, minimalism is a part of art, music, painting as well as fashion. Furniture design, home appliances’ design are all trying to simplify, ease and minimize everything. Specifically aesthetics of furniture has been directly derived from visual spatial composition of American minimalists. The use of wood and glass and shape simplicity are immediate symptoms of minimalistic design.

Minimalistic Platform Lift Travel

Minimalism in Lift Architecture and Our Small Passenger LiftDesigned by one of the most recognized Czech architects, Ladislav Lábus.

Its realization is represented by the photos in photo gallery.

About the author Ladislav Lábus

He graduated at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague, worked in the Design Institute of building the capital city of Prague. Currently, he runs AA Lábus atelier and works as a professor at the Faculty of Architecture CTU.

He was given plenty of prestigious architecture rewards (e.g. for the Vila in Vonoklasy, reconstruction of the Langhans palace in Prague, the house of nursing service in Český Krumlov etc.).