Freight Platform Lifts Maxi Travel

Maxi TravelMaximal load bearing capacity of 500 kg.

Freight Platform Lifts for affordable prices with an economical operation and easy maintenance. Maxi Travel freight IPB is a unique mean of transport that can deliver load of up to 500 kg to other floors (up to 12 metres of height). It’s a perfect solution between a lift and a platform.

This lifting device is a true combination of quality and reliability while using the least space possible. Product line Maxi Travel includes both self-supporting construction (steel shaft) and brick shaft variants.

Lift Cabin or Platform

The lifting device can be equipped with a classic lift cabin or just a floor platform with side covering. Entrances can be equipped with hand-operated door or simple gates (with lift up to 2 metres).


Maxi TravelStandard freight lift platforms are not equipped with inside controls. The platform is equipped with a call button and dispatch buttons on each floor. The lift cabin position is displayed with a simple indication.

Travel Speed

Traction single speed cable engine fulfils most requirements for various load transportation. For accurate stopping of the lift on each floor (+-5 mm), the engine can also be equipped with frequency control.


The simple and modern steel framing of the platform lifts significantly decreases the time needed for lift’s installation. A 250mm bottom pit and a simple technology in the shaft including the engine enables installation in both interiors and exteriors without expensive building modifications.

Device Operation

Low electric energy consumption and low acquisition costs makes TRAVEL platform lifts a rightful medium-size lift.

All the models have 24 or 36 months warranty after the lift’s installation and are periodically checked by our qualified worker. Our company also provides regular service of installed lifts.

Technical Parameters of the Platform

  • Traction cable engine
  • Load bearing capacity: 500 kg without passenger transportation
  • Lifting: 4 floors or 12 meters at maximum
  • Shaft pit: at least 250 mm
  • Shaft head: at least 2550 mm (above the top station’s floor)
  • Travel speed: 0.1 – 0.2 m/s
  • Power supply: 1PEN 230V / 50 Hz
  • Engine performance: 1.5 kW
  • Controls – only outside, call and dispatch buttons + travel indication