Stair Platform Lifts – PDS 225 kg

Stair Platform LiftsStair platform lifts PSD are made to get over architectural barriers for both simple and complex staircases.

Simple platform lift controls, low speed and smooth platform lift acceleration controlled by a frequency controller ensure a brilliant travel characteristics and a quiet operation.

It’s best to fit this kind of lifts into interiors. In exteriors, it’s necessary to protect the device with a small roof like awning or a plastic film.

Stair Platform Lift Engine Design

A cogwheel (gear pinion), an electric engine with a frequency controller and an electronic control unit are all parts of the platform. The platform travels on a tube rail. The upper tube serves as the platform lift’s rail as well as a handrail. The lower tube is a propelling rail of the platform lift.

The platform lifts’ rails can be padded and used as a staircase handrail.

Staircase Platform Lift’s Control

Stair Platform LiftsStaircase platform lifts use large-area buttons on the platform.

  • Portable controller on a movable cable
  • Portable remote controller
  • Large-area buttons at the stops

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply: 1PEN 230V / 50 Hz
  • Engine performance: 800 W, safeguard 10 A
  • Complements: Reclining chair, a switch on lock or an eurokey lock
  • Surface finish: Any RAL shade lacquer, powder coating comaxit (in RAL any shade), hot-dip galvanizing of the rails, partial or complete stainless steel design
  • Warranty: 24 – 36 months
  • Installation using chemical anchors HILTI into the wall or the stairs, takes 1 day only
  • Prescribed inspections: Twice a year