Residential Lifts

Lifts and platform lifts for different purposes. Unique home lifts for private buildings, residential or domestic. Vertical transportation in buildings. Platform lifts and lifts for people with disabilities for acceptable prices with a low-cost operation.

TRAVEL 500 vertical transport platform lifts are ČSN ISO 9386-1:2002 certified.

The name “Home lift TRAVEL 500©“ is used to identify products of Triplex company only. The platform lift is a standardized product of the company. It’s not a classic lift. It complies with the platform lifts regulations.

Available to download

TRAVEL – steel framing 1100x1400

TRAVEL – steel framing 1100x150

TRAVEL – brick shaft, 3 entrances

TRAVEL – brick shaft, 900x1400


Antique StyleA vertical platform lift for people with disabilities is a unique mean of traffic for vertical transportation with up to 500 kg of load bearing capacity. It can server for transportation of minor cargo as well. It offers the best solution, it cooperates together with the object architecture and solves transportation between two to four floors. It looks luxurious and is simple to control.

These little home lifts / home platform lifts can be installed in residential buildings, shopping centres, hotels and other objects, even there where wheelchair accessibility is a must. Its low-light construction assumes less frequent usage than classic lifts’. This solution offers combination of quality and reliability while using as few space as possible and much lower purchase price than classic lifts.

TRAVEL 500 product line includes both product lines with self-supporting steel framing (shaft) and product line with installation into a brick shaft.

Platform Lift Engine

Residential LiftsPlatform lifts use a unique electric cable drum engine that winds up the load bearing cables. Classic and verified cable engine with a frequency control Triplex EASY is a compact and steady engine. All the parts of the engine including wiring is situated in the lift shaft. Lift control ensures fluent acceleration and deceleration of the lift platform.

Lift Cabin

It can be simple, walk-through or walk-through with a side entrance. The entrances are equipped with a hand-operated handles, door closers and a clear safety glass. KRONENBERG door closure completes the equipment.

Lift Interior

The lift cabin can be made of plenty of different materials like hardened laminate, metal mesh, steel sheet metal in RAL shades (powder coating comaxit).

Travelling in the Lift

Slow speed of the platform lift enables to install a lift cabin without any interior lift cabin door. That’s good mainly for children, elderly people and people with disabilities. A light barrier can be added to the lift entrance for more safety. Lift’s traction cable engine with frequency control offers smooth acceleration and deceleration with a low noise level. The engine can be equipped with an emergency power supply for ride in both direction during power cuts.


Residential LiftsThe simple and modern steel framing of the platform lifts significantly decreases the time needed for lift’s installation. A 250mm bottom pit and a simple technology in the shaft including the engine enables installation in both interiors and exteriors without expensive building modifications. Low electric energy consumption and low acquisition costs makes TRAVEL platform lifts a good alternative to classic lifts.


All the models have 24 or 36 months warranty after the lift’s installation and are periodically checked by our qualified worker. Prescribed inspections take place twice a year at minimum. Adjustments and maintenance are included in the inspection.

Technical Parameters of the Platform Lift

Lift cabin: 900 x 1400 mm (width x depth) or 800/900 x 1250 mm

Load bearing capacity: 250 kg or 2+1 people

Engine: cable with a smooth acceleration and deceleration on each floor

Installation: a brick shaft or a steel framing (1450 x 1500 mm)

Lifting: 4 floors or 12 meters at maximum

Shaft pit: at least 250 mm

Shaft head: at least 2550 mm (above the top station’s floor)

Travel speed: up to 0.2 m/s

Power supply: 1PEN 230V / 50 Hz

Engine performance: 1.5 kW, safeguard 10 A

Door: hand-operated steel single-leaf door with a clear window, a door handle, hydraulic door closing, design powder coating comaxit in RAL shades, a top lacquer or stainless steel.

Lift cabin: a steel frame with a LamiColor laminate plates or a steel frame filled with metal mesh (perforated metal).

Controls: inside are buttons (floors, stop, alarm, key controller), on each floor is a call box and an indication of lift’s traffic.