Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic LiftsTechnical devices that get the lifting power from an electric pump (engine) that delivers the hydraulic liquid (oil) into a straight hydraulic cylinder. The movement of the cylinder is caused by the pressure of the liquid and is indirectly connected to the lift cabin.

Hydraulic lifts are just an alternative or an obsolete technology, they do have their place in the lifting engineering. They provide excellent soft travel characteristics, quiet operation and lesser construction requirements for the lift shaft are the bright side of hydraulic lifts.

This kind of lifts can be installed into either the classic brick shaft or self-supporting steel framing. Hydraulic lifts are light and technically simple, therefore ideal solution for glass shafts with steel framing. The engine room is always a separate space with a standalone hydraulic engine.

Hydraulic Lift Engine

Electrical engine (pump), pressure pipes or tubes, straight hydraulic cylinder with a piston. Wiring, microprocessor driven control with programmable functions, failures detection.

Hydraulic Lift Design

Wide variety of materials and colours enables us to naturally fit our lift into any building, with design of your choice and a very good technical level.

Hydraulic Lifts