Cable / Electric Lifts

Cable / Electric LiftsThere are lifts with a frictional disc that use friction between load bearing cables and grooves of the frictional disc of the lift engine. These are traction cable lifts. There are also lifts with kinematical bound engines that use cable or chain hanging, not friction. Drum engines belong in this category, their cables are securely connected with the engine and winded up onto the drum.

Electric lifts can be made for both a standard brick shaft and a self-supporting steel framing. The engine room is either a separated space with the engine or a part of the lift shaft and the engine is inside the shaft without extra space requirements.

Lift Engine

Gearless or a traction cable engine, classic cable engine with a smooth ride control VVVF and a high-quality electronic control is a standard wiring equipment. The control uses a microprocessor with programmable functions and ability to diagnose failures.

Lift Design

Wide variety of materials and colours enables us to naturally fit our lift into any building, with design of your choice and a very good technical level.Cable / Electric Lifts