Metal Lift Shafts / Steel Framings

Metal Lift Shafts / Steel FramingsLifts shafts / steel framings are a stand-alone architectural element that is a part of the building’s interior and the whole object in case of an outdoor lift. Our lifts aim for manufacturing quality, high-quality installation and a precise selection of used materials.

In most cases, we create welded framings and then install them at the designated place. Steel constructions can be built from the assembly parts (sections) at our workplace. Then, we transport these parts to the designated place and install them. The whole framing can be transported as a whole and install it using a crane.

If you require an increased rust protection of the framings, we offer a hot-dip galvanizing. In such cases, the construction must be assembled so its parts can be individually galvanized.

Common load bearing steel framings are supplied with a basic coating and a two-pack synthetic high-quality paint in any RAL shade.

The steel framing materials are made of different sections – JAKL, I, U or a burnt shape from a steel sheet metal.

Metal Lift Shafts / Steel FramingsFinal finish of the lift shaft sheathing can be made of wide range of materials. A hardened layered safety glass – transparent, tinted or lacquered – lacobel, a thermal insulated glass, a fire glass or a glass limiting the sunlight throughput. The sheathing can also be made of steel sheet metal, cement boards cetris, plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards farmacell, polycarbonate, plexiglass or thermal insulation with mineral plaster.

Let us know what you need and we’ll try to prepare a technical solution of the lift for you.

Triangle-shaped steel framings