Passenger Lifts

Our products are a combination of elegance and quality with a usage of the most modern technologies used in this branch.

Fast and safe transportation of people is another self-evident requirement for our lift production.

The product line of passenger lifts includes lifts that are built into either a brick shaft or a self-supporting steel framing. Typical load bearing capacity is between 220 and 1000 kg. We also have products line of bed lifts and freight lifts with load bearing capacity starting at 1250 kg.

Lift Engine

Passenger LiftsPassenger lifts can use either cable (traction) or hydraulic engine.

Traction cable engine with frequency control offer smooth acceleration and deceleration with a low noise level so that the requirements for an ideal travel characteristics are met. Common two-speed engines and hydraulic systems are another lift engine solution.

The most important category are “lifts without an engine room” which don’t need a standalone, separated engine room. These lifts have their engine located inside the lift shaft – no extra requirements for engine room space. We meet these requirements with our OMEGA or BETA lifts. Smooth travel characteristics with a frequency transformer and high-quality electronic control is a standard component of the wiring. Electric energy saving is noticeable in comparison with traditional engines. High-quality design, wide variety or used materials and colours enables us to fit our lift into the construction-technical part of the building architecture.


Lift Cabin

Passenger LiftsLift cabins of all types can be simple or walk-through or walk-through a corner. Cabin entrances can be equipped with either automatic or hand-operated cabin door. The cabin interior can be made of a wide variety of materials – lacquered surfaces, hardened laminate, stainless steel or glass.

Lift cabin and shaft doors (both hand-operated or automatic) can be supplied in any lacquered RAL shade, powder coating comaxit or a stainless steel and glass. After their installation, Triplex lifts must undergo an installation check and verifying consensus according to ČSN EN 81-1,2.


Simple and modern lift construction and plotted technological installation process significantly decrease the time needed for the lift installation. It usually doesn’t take longer than 3 - 4 weeks.


Passenger LiftsAll the models have 24 or 36 months warranty after the lift installation. 24 – 36 months and we also offer extra 60 months warranty with a 12 month free service. Every lift has to be periodically checked and maintained by a qualified worker according to ČSN. Our company commonly offers a regular complex service of the installed lifts.