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Special Lifts ProductionThe design of lifts can be very peculiar. Special lift design are not meant only for a distinctive lift cabin design and materials used to create it. It’s also about the technologies that are aimed at the desired product characteristics. These possibilities are used when we design atypical lifts or platform lifts for a special purpose.

Every lift we make takes advantage of all the operational possibilities in accordance with technical standards and regulations.

Send us your requirements and we will a design a special lift device for transportation of people or freight that will suit your needs.

Photos and examples of lifts we made

  • A wooden lift cabin with brass door – a passenger lift
  • Partly open lift shaft of a passenger lift. Metal original moulding of the shaft
  • Hydraulic freight platform lift travelling up to a street
  • Modernisation of a historic lift in the Prague Castle
  • Hotel Voroněž in Brno
  • National Monument in Vítkov

Special Lifts Production Special Lifts Production Special Lifts Production Special Lifts Production

Hotel Voroněž in Brno

Special Lifts ProductionA transparent passenger electric lift with a load bearing capacity of 630 kg installed in atrium of the entrance hall in hotel Voroněž in Brno.

Our lift design met the intention of the lift architect very well, he desired a free, open construction of the lift and its shaft.

The lift cabin is a made of glass, so is the frameless door. The lift shaft is covered with a safety glass in the bottom station to 3 metres of height. The front wall of the lift shaft is completely glass. As there are some engineer networks below the lift shaft, we made a special lift shaft that is shallow enough.

National Monument in Vítkov

The national monument in Vítkov was built during 1929-1932 in Prague – Vítkov. It was built in memory of Czech Legions and Czech military resistance in times of the World War I.

Its purpose was to honour all who fought so that Czechoslovak Republic could be created. In June 2007, it was announced that the monument will be used by the National Museum in Prague to exhibit the history of the Czech and Slovak statehood, and its opening was scheduled to 28th February, 2009.

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