Cable Lifts without Engine Room

Cable Lifts without Engine RoomThese lifts are meant to be installed into classic brick shaft or a self-suporting steel framing. The engine “room” is a part of the shaft and the engine is a part of the lift shaft as well, no extra space is required. We easily accomplish these space requirements with our OMEGA Triplex lift.

Load Bearing Capacity

Our technologies enable load bearing capacities of the lifts without a separate engine room to vary from 220 up to 1600 kg.

Lift Engine

A classic traction cable engine with a smooth high-equality electronic travel control is a standard wiring part.


Cable Lifts without Engine RoomWiring is controlled by a microprocessor with a programmable functions and a failure detection.

Lift Design

A wide range of high-quality materials allows us to fit our lift into the building as its natural part.

Lift Cabin Veneer

Cable Lifts without Engine RoomThere is plenty of design of a hardened laminate, stainless steel, lacquered metal finish and glass materials you can choose from.

Lift Cabin Door and Shaft Door

Our modern, electronically controlled door make sure that the lift travel is quiet and smooth. Its door are either in a powder coating comaxit design (RAL shades), stainless steel or glass.

Button Board

The button board and its embossed shape buttons with indications are in an anti-vandal design, made of stainless steel. There is also a display, intercom, overload indication, gong, and a voice module for simple orientation in the lift for people with disabilities.

Lift Cabin Floor

Cable Lifts without Engine RoomIts surface can be covered with a studded rubber, altro, linoleum, a carpet or a floor tiling.

Lift Cabin Lighting

Halogen or fluorescent, the fluorescent is covered in a milky organic glass.

Door Handle

A standard equipment part as well as corner batten moulding and protective metal sheets – all made of stainless steel.

Lift Mirror

Covers a part or a whole lift cabin wall.

A seat in the lift and other equipment is in accordance with standards of transportation of people with a disabilities.

Cable Lifts without Engine RoomOptional Equipment

  • Atypical lift cabin dimensions
  • Stainless steel, glass or ceramic tiling interior of the lift cabin
  • Ventilation, sound card, access system (a chip card)
  • Stainless steel or glass lift cabin and shaft door
  • Extra requirements for the lift’s operation (evacuation, fire)
  • Creation and installation of the lift into a metal framing

Lift Installation

Simple and modern lift construction and plotted technological installation process significantly decrease the time needed for the lift installation. It usually doesn’t take longer than 3 - 4 weeks. Lifts without a separate engine room are verified by an installation test and conformity verified by an authorized person according to ČSN EN 81.

Lift Operation

All the models have 24, 36 or 60 months warranty after the lift’s installation. Every lift has to be periodically checked by our qualified worker in prescribed inspection intervals according to ČSN. Our company also offers a regular service of installed devices.Cable Lifts without Engine Room

Parameters and Price

  • Starts at 600.000 CZK without VAT
  • Load bearing capacity: 630 kg
  • Travel Speed – 0.6 – 1 m/s
  • Lifting – 30 meters at maximum, up to 12 floors
  • Controls – two-way with memory
  • Engine: smooth acceleration and deceleration at stops using frequency controller
  • Door: automatic (for both the lift cabin and the shaft), 800 x 2000 mm (weight x height)
  • Shaft – engine “room” dimensions 1650 x 1800 mm (width x depth)

Allow us to get to know your requirements and we will try to suggest you a modern brilliant lift that will make your rides between the floors joyful.