Dining Lifts

Dining LiftsWe make small freight („dining“) lifts with lower load bearing capacity – from 50 to 250 kg. These lifts use traction cable engines with different engine room locations. These lifts are used in restaurants, canteens, kitchens and larger households. Small freight lifts can be supplied with a lacquered design (cheaper) or stainless steel design of the lift cabin, lift door and lift control boards. The stainless steel design is mostly used in gastronomical environment.

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Dining lift C 100 – engine at the bottom
Dining lift C 100 – engine at the top

Lift Control

Dining LiftsThese lifts are controlled with call + dispatch buttons, both in “anti-vandal” design. There are also indication lights at every stop. These lifts are equipped with open door detection and lift cabin travel detection that use backlight of the buttons at each stop to let people know the current status. You can also block time for a next ride. An arriving lift cabin’s acoustic indication and a home phone set is a part of the lift supply.

Lift Shaft Framing

Brick or self-supporting steel framing made of special sections, completely lacquered, in two metre segments. Metal sheet or plasterboard sheathing.

The Engine

Dining LiftsA small traction engine TRAMEC with a LENZE with a pressure brake, a hand-operated wheel for an emergency travel, ELVY knedlox wiring with a processor, IP54, 230V or 400V/50 Hz power supply according to the wiring. With a frequency control, 230V/50Hz power supply is enough. The frequency control is installed if high precision of stopping at the stops is required (e.g. for a wheelchair).

Lift Door

According to the requirements, single-leaf or double-leaf hand-operated door with a verified door closing KDU4 or KRONENBERG are installed. These door are also equipped with a hydraulic door closer and a big handle. The door can be also fire resistant (EW15DI).

Engine Room

The engine room can be either above or below the lift cabin. In the former case, the engine is above the lift cabin, under the ceiling of the top floor. In the latter case, the engine is below the lift cabin, on the floor of the first floor.

Engine Room Door

The engine room door can be a single-leaf door with a safety lock, lacquered or stainless steel design. The door can be also fire resistant (EW15DI).

Warranty: 24 to 36 months, on extra 60 months. Installation time: 1 week.

Prescribed inspections: Twice a year in a regular intervals. Adjustments and maintenance are included in the inspection. There’s an option for a regular service as well according to ČSN.