Modernisations & Reconstructions

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionThere are many reasons to modernise your lift:

  • increased safety and reliability of the lift
  • removing risks
  • increasing lift’s value
  • reducing maintenance expenses, power consumption
  • improving handling, easier lift control
  • new up-to-date design

Duplex – modernisation of two lifts of high-rise buildings, more info here.

Basic Ways How to Modernise Lifts

Modernisation and Lift Reconstruction

modernising the lift as a whole, a complete modernisation or reconstruction of all lift parts
step-by-step lift modernisation, up to 5 independent planned phases with the goal to completely modernise the lift

Both ways are carried out according to effective safety standards related to lift reconstructions and modernisation – ČSN 27 40 11 – Safety regulations for construction and installation of lifts during substantial changes.

Lift Cabin, Cabin Frame and Lift Door

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionSwap of the steel frame of the lift cabin for a new solid load bearing frame with additional equipment – certified oil cans, inspection ride box, silenced cabin suspending with quietblocks, strength suspending screws and load bearing cables.

Installation of a new full-metal lift cabin covered with hardened laminate sheets (LamiColor, Kronospan) or a full-metal lift cabin lacquered with powder coating comaxit (in any RAL shade) including further equipment.

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionModernisation and reconstruction of lifts – further accessories include a handle, corner batten moulding, new lighting (you can choose), a mirror, new floor surface (rubber, altro, linoleum, floor tiling), stainless steel anti-vandal buttons, communication device – intercom with a position indication, overload indication. The entrance to the lift cabin must use an automatic cabin door.

Appropriate door variants are automatically opening door (BUS type), central or cascade. Freight lifts with passenger transport can be equipped with an area-wide light barrier. Infra-red light barrier doesn’t need any space and it has a minimal probability of failure even in demanding operational conditions (in comparison with a cabin door)

Lift Engine

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionA complete swap of the engine for

  • VVVF two-speed engine with frequency control, smooth acceleration and deceleration, quiet push-pull brake
  • Traction engine with a classic construction or a compact gearless engine, both are high-quality and quiet, made by respected manufacturers

Overhauling the current engine with up to 5 year warranty

Swap of the speed limiter and speed limiter weight and cables OR

Swap of the pulley of the load-bearing lift cables

Installation of a new engine on a new base with soundproofing

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionLift cabin lines and counterweights

  • Balancing and cleaning lift cabin lines (or their swap if needed)
  • Swap of the cable lines of the counterweights

Possible increasing the lift speed

Wiring, Master Switch

Microprocessor lift wiring MEZ service with operational and failure state detection, special functions and programmes, simple control, duplex control or blocked simultaneous rides

New wiring project, documentation of the shaft connections and wiring

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionInstallation of the wiring of both the engine room and the shaft, new master switch with prescribed protection

Lift cabin wiring installation – the button board, cables, electrical door circuits etc.

System of the lift cabin stopping and positioning – sensors, magnets, finish and terminal circuit breakers and shaft indications

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionAccurate stopping of the lift on each floor (+-5mm), smooth acceleration and deceleration

Shaft Door – Manual

Swap of the shaft door (including doorframe) for a new one, possible installation of whole door portal.

Our door use certified Kronenberg door closing, door contacts SV and a hydraulic door closer.

Door-handle of your choice, a transparent window made of Connex safety glass.

Repairs of your current door

  • Swap of the door leaves or their reinforcement (in case of emergency conditions)
  • Adding door closers BRANO or DORMA

Shaft Door – Automatic

Modernisation and Lift ReconstructionInstallation of new automatically closing shaft door depending on the cabin door engine.

Swap of the current obsolete automatic door for a frequency controlled door.

Installation of a photocell of the door or an area-wide light barrier.

  • Buttons, controls and indication in both the lift cabin and on each floor
  • Lift cabin: Button combination / Button board with a position indication / Display, emergency signal and lighting, overload indication, two-way communication device – intercom, door control button, acoustic floor and emergency annunciator
    • Possibility to add sound signal / gong or a sound card
    • The button board is usually made of stainless steel / brushed metal or other materials of your choice from our sample book
    • Standard of large-area buttons anti-vandal, fingerboards tested to 500.000 switching cycles
    • Other controls are chosen by a user – key controls, blocks, chip or magnetic card readers
  • Floor buttons – call button with travel indication, fingerboards with choice confirmation indication
  • The call button board is made of stainless steel or brushed metal

Lift Shaft – Bricked or Steel Framing

Bricked shaft without any building modifications

Steel frame shaft

Swap or adding shaft cover according to ČSN requirements

Installation of door portals, door heads, fanlight

Possible installation of full shaft cover behind the counterweight

Complete framing cleaning with a new surface finish

Removing Safety and Operational Risks

After a finished modernisation or lift reconstruction, all operational risks are removed according to ČSN 27 4007, table A.1, A.2 and A.3

Inform us about the condition of your lift and we will offer you an acceptable technical solution!