Freight Lifts

Freight LiftsWe make new types of freight lifts with a load bearing capacity of 500 kg up to 5 tons with or without the option to transport passengers as well.

Two basic technologies are traction cable engines and hydraulic engines. All these lifts are meant mainly for industrial objects, warehouses and trade companies and companies of production.

The freight lifts with the option to transport passengers have to deal with more strict requirements according to ČSN standards. The lift has to be equipped with a cabin door and a two-way communication device (intercom) and other devices for more safety.

Lift Cabin

Multiple variants

  • steel metal sheets lacquered in optional RAL shades
  • steel metal sheets sprayed with optional shade of comaxit – powder coating
  • stainless steel sheets for special and gastronomy operation

On the sides of the lift, there are impact protective battens made of hard wood. The lighting uses fluorescent lamps and there is also an emergency light.

A key controller for the driver, STOP, overload warning. The life cabin door are either hand-operated or automatic, central or telescopic (for the variant with passenger transport allowed).

Lift Wiring

Freight LiftsMEZ service – electronic, controlled by a microprocessor or a relay

Lift Control

Either button controllers inside or outside only (buttons to calling for a lift + lift dispatch).

Lift Engine

  1. Two-speed engine or a smooth acceleration engine (frequency control)
  2. Hydraulic engine, pushing pistons direct or indirect, a single-piece or telescopic. For higher load bearing capacity there are two pistons and four-point lift cabin anchoring in rails. The freight lift’s engine can be a part of the lift shaft just like passenger lift’s – lifts without engine room.

Warranty: 24 to 36 months

Installation time: 3 to 5 weeks

Prescribed inspections: Twice a year or four times a year,

Adjustments and maintenance are included in the inspection.

Indicative price – freight lifts for 3.3 m / two floors, 750 kg of load bearing capacity without passenger transport start at 450.000 CZK